Become an intern on Team Helen!

Interning on the out-year period of a citywide campaign is a fantastic way to see a unique part of the path to election day.

Most work will be done remotely— the campaign does not maintain a regular office at this early stage. However, you may have the opportunity to work out of an office in the Financial District or the Upper West Side. If possible, we will strive to have a weekly office day at that location for interns that works for everyone’s schedule. Since most work will be done independently, we expect interns to maintain regular communication with campaign staff and strong time management skills. Setting your own schedule, however, provides you with the flexibility to manage other time commitments and enjoy your summer. Interns will have clear ongoing responsibilities but due to the nature of campaign work may take on special responsibility in additional areas of the campaign.

Aside from regular work, all interns will attend various events around New York City hosted by the campaign or other organizations as part of their internship. Every intern will have the opportunity to shadow the Council Member, an exciting way to experience a variety of NYC events and get to know Helen. If you have any questions, please email

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Campaign Background

Helen Rosenthal is in her second term in the New York City Council representing the Upper West Side and part of Hell’s Kitchen. She has been a leading progressive voice on behalf of women, tenants, students, and all New Yorkers. In July 2018, Helen filed to run for Comptroller of the City of New York in the 2021 election cycle. She will likely be the only woman running for Comptroller once the field is finalized in late 2020 and early 2021. The only time a woman has been Comptroller was 30 years ago.